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Worst Case Scenario

Updated: May 1, 2018

I love This is Us, the television show. I was late to the party, mainly due to the fact I was pregnant when it first aired and I didn’t think my hormonal self needed to feel any more emotions. I can hear my husband, who doesn’t even know I made that statement yet, emphatically throwing out an amen!

Shortly after baby #5 was born, I binged watched Season 1 through the late nights of baby feedings. Let me tell you, I was all in. I convinced my husband to watch with me because I needed to be able to dialogue about it. Randall & Beth, a husband & wife on the show, play a game called Worst Case Scenario when they are hit with life. Basically, they take turns imagining all the worst outcomes of the situation before moving forward. I may be a little dark and twisty, but I find this practice oddly soothing, so I do it now when I feel overwhelmed.

Let me tell you, Monday life presented some situations that made Worst Case Scenario feel like a cake walk. My husband, who is one of the most gracious & (at times) annoyingly optimistic people, lovingly reminded me it is okay to PLAY Worst Case Scenario but I can’t STAY there. Ultimately, there is absence of hope in Worst Case Scenario & Jesus is HOPE. Jarrell also gently reminded me that Worst Case Scenario rarely happens. If & when it does, in my experience something exceedingly beautiful comes from it, ALWAYS. I spent some serious time reading the Word, in prayer, and listening to the Word of God to allow my heart to be transformed. It is always an incredibly humbling thing when I am faced with just how much I need Jesus’ grace. I know that I am not alone. If there are areas of your life that you are stuck in Worst Case Scenario mode, fix your eyes on Jesus. Things may not change immediately, tomorrow, or ever but Jesus is enough, even for your worst case scenario.

**This is a complete side note. When I started this blog I wanted to consistently write. However, I have felt strongly about not sharing content to have content. With that being said, I have found myself writing only when my thoughts easily fall to paper. If you have been following along, that isn’t quite as often as I hoped it would be. So to all of you that stick around, thank you for letting me share my thoughts with you. Also, I have received feedback that I may be a little too hard on myself or people were worried about me. While the first point may be true at times, the second isn’t at all. I am a person who feels in big ways & I have the most incredible support system of people who love me and walk through this life with me. I have learned to be okay with accepting myself as I am but striving consistently to be a little more like Jesus.

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