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Why is the Baby in a Box?

If you have kids you more than likely have said a time or two “That’s something I never thought I’d say!” I was in the other room helping #1 log into his reading program. I left the baby in the other room & she began to cry. I turned the corner & all I saw were her little leggings wildly flailing about. I got closer and saw she was laying flat on her back, stuck in a shipping box and was trying to kick herself out. The other kids were nowhere to be found and I yelled through the house, “Why is the baby in a box? Who put her here?” Seriously you all, this is my life.

From the time the kids get home from school until Jarrell gets home from work, it is five against one. Our house is a complete circus (more so than normal!) Someone needs a snack. Someone spilled something. Someone can’t find a pencil. Someone needs help. Someone is arguing. Someone is crying. Someone wants to have an important conversation & I want to listen. Someone needs a diaper change. Someone needs a bandaid (why does someone always need a bandaid?!) Someone wants to cuddle. We need to get ready & leave for soccer, music, or some school event. The list is endless.

My attention is being pulled in several different directions and I can’t possibly be all the places, all the time. So friends, this is how the baby ends up in the shipping box, my house goes from clean to destroyed in 10 minutes flat, and I constantly feel like I am losing my mind.

You want to know the crazy part?! I am so ridiculously thankful that I am able to be home and be present for these moments even though it is hectic and everyday I question my sanity. When I look at my life, it is nothing like I imagined it would be, but the view is pretty stinking amazing!

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