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Plunger Power (not bathroom related!)

Jarrell, my husband, is a learner. There are few things he can’t accomplish when he puts his mind to it. Give the guy YouTube & he can solve any problem.

Recently, he decided he was going to get a large dent out of our van with hot water & a plunger. Yes, you read that correctly- hot water & a plunger. Our entire family was skeptical but it didn’t stop him. Our son told him, “I believe in you dad!” only to turn around and tell me, “I don’t really believe he can, but I want to encourage him!” 😂 You just have to love kids and their honesty!

After several unsuccessful tries, Jarrell continued to perfect his method. After each try, he made adjustments. Much to all of our surprise, his persistence paid off & the dent is barely noticeable. 👏🏼

Jarrell didn’t allow his circumstances to defeat him. He didn’t allow other’s unbelief to deter him. The only tools he used were those available to him and he didn’t consider what he may be lacking. When he failed, he got back up with a little more insight & knowledge and tried again.

I couldn’t help but think how much this applies to my life, especially my faith. So often I look at what I need (more like what I think I need) instead of what I have already been given. I allow the voices of others to dig up in doubt what had been planted in faith. The idea of fear can cripple me from trying, when I should embrace failure as a catalyst of growth. The most amazing things can happen when we step outside of our comfort zones. I have experienced it time & time again in my life, yet I forget it too quickly.

Someone please tell me I am not alone! Is there something you need to persist in?

I wish that I would have taken pictures of Jarrell trying to remove the dent but I don't have any. You can't have a blog post without pictures, so here is a photo of Jarrell rocking that dad life!

Here is our van without the massive dent! Obviously there is a little wear and tear but not what it was.

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