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Love Letter to Houston💌

Updated: Feb 11, 2018

Dear Houston,

We got off to a rough start & let’s be honest, it wasn’t you, it was me. When I moved here, I felt like my world got smaller, much smaller. Little did I realize the extent of your diversity. While my ability to experience new locations drastically got smaller, I learned that there are endless opportunities to experience different cultures in the midst of your expanse.

When I stopped fighting it, I realized just how beautiful you are. I decided I was going to embrace you in this season & for that I am grateful. What I have found is that your neighborhoods all have their own unique vibe & are filled with countless gems just waiting to be discovered. I now have lists of parks, places to eat, & activities that I want to do in between enjoying my tried and true favorites. The more I explore you, the more places I uncover to be explored. You truly are a gift that keeps giving.

You are full of history but constantly changing & evolving. You are the perfect balance of new & old. You are classy with dashes of gritty. You are country & city rolled into one. You are resilient.

I feel like it would be a disservice to talk about you, without mentioning the people that embody you. I often joke with people not from Texas about the amount of Texas pride that exists here, but I think it is part of your charm. I have sat amazed several times at your inhabitants’ love for you. Most notably would be during (& following) Hurricane Harvey. I have never seen so many people willing to do whatever to help each other, even if it meant sacrifice & risk. It was all out of their love for you and it was pure beauty.

Work on your humidity & I may be a fan for life 😉

Cheers to you Houston! 🥂

My husband Jarrell took this photo of Houston the day after Hurricane Harvey ended.

Houston Graffiti Building

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